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You guys know I’ve been studying my butt off for my upcoming NASM Certified Personal Trainer exam (knock on wood!).

One thing I’ve been learning a lot about is plyometrics and speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) training. Of course I’d heard of these things before but really didn’t know the specifics. It’s crazy how your neuro-muscular system is so intense!

I thought I should put some of into practice. It helps me remember and understand many of the moves. For the test, I need to know how muscles work and what exercises should be done for various levels of training.

It was a great opportunity to test out my new Lorna Jane workout clothes. I am loving the back on this shirt by the way — it’s serious fitness style and lets my body breathe while exercise.

The pants are great for winter because they are thick — something many brands are lacking with the legging style lately. They fit my body like a glove and stayed in place.

What I did during this workout:

  • Box jump ups
  • Side shuffle
  • Med ball life and chop
  • Jumping squats
  • Med ball pass
  • Planks

It’s so nice to have a gym just downstairs at my office. It means anytime I get a hankering, I can just head down there and lift or plank or run or jump!

Of course, you know me, I’m usually at CrossFit early in the morning so I don’t need to – but for this it worked out!

It’s important to keep up SAQ and plyometric training because it trains your brain and muscles to work together more quickly and effectively. That’s the reason football players and basketball players do a lot of this kind of training — because they need to respond and change directions so fast.

I’m okay at SAQ though after a few rounds, my brain starts to get confused….working on it!

Lorna Jane sent this adorable 2015 calendar journal with the clothes and I loved it. There’s something so great about simple, yet inspiring words.

They have the cutest stuff over there for the holidays right now. I personally like the inspirational tank tops 😉

The big thing lately is lifestyle fitness attire and Lorna Jane seems to have done it right. I don’t know about you, but I prefer wearing my workout clothes to run errands, clean the house, and basically anything else on the weekend. I would wear it to dinner if I could! To me, there is just no point in being uncomfortable and thankfully, that problem is being solved by more live-able workout clothes!

Of course I loved this outfit but I can’t wait to bring a little color into my life so…next up is one of those tanks in color!

So…if you are looking for a right present for the sporty gal in your life, check out Lorna Jane’s selection because it’s seriously stylish.

More Lorna Jane here:

Do you wear workout clothes to run errands? What do you like about the new lifestyle workout trend? What new piece of exercise clothing do you need/want most right now?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Lorna Jane.

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