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I’ve started a love affair with protein powder. I’m no nutritionist but most fitness peeps like myself know you need protein to build muscle effectively. For awhile, I was over all the protein people were yelling about. But that’s because I wasn’t actually using it. I’ve truly changed directions, though, and from here on out want to use it to create and maintain a healthier lifestyle — one that fits the weight lifter (CrossFitter) in me!

For My Muscles

After talking to my husband  — the guy who lifts weights and has actual big muscles to show for it — I finally decided to start taking this protein stuff seriously. He convinced I wasn’t getting enough protein, especially post-workout. So, when I got the chance to try GNC PUREEDGE protein powder, I knew it was the perfect time to kick my butt into gear.

As a former calorie counter, I always had a bug in my ear saying — why would you want to “waste” calories on a protein shake when you’re not that “into them?”  I finally answered that question! I want to build muscle effectively and hey, wouldn’t mind if my body started looking toned to boot.


Let’s Make This Simple

One of the most important parts of being healthy for me is simplicity. How can I make the right things easier? When it comes to GNC PUREEDGE, that means having a badass blender. I use the Magic Bullet  because it will chop anything — if I decide to go the smoothie route — or blending a shake up in a jiffy.

I was skeptical about how this would taste mixing with just milk — the easiest route to go. But — pleasantly surprised that I loved it! Honestly, kind of tasted like a frothy, melted chocolate milk shake. Not too shabby!

One scoop with a cup of milk and then I can wash the bullet blender out in like 10 seconds. It’s important to make it simple because you need to get your protein within 20 minutes of finishing your workout. So I come in the door after CrossFit, head to the kitchen and make it happen.


Why It Matters

If you read this blog or follow me on social media — specifically Instagram — you know how hard I work at CrossFit and strength training. I am NOT naturally strong and it’s hard for my arms to find definition. I’ll never get to the kind of weights I dream of — but I will get closer if I do what it takes outside of the gym to get there.

By getting better informed on nutrition and what my body needs to perform optimally at the gym, I’m doing myself a huge favor. While I have shied away from powders and supplements in the past simply because they overwhelm me, I’m not making excuses anymore. I’m thankful GNC PUREEDGE is getting me started on this path.

Also, the flavors ain’t bad either 🙂 I have been using chocolate but they’ve also got berry flavor, as well as protein bars (banana bread and peanut butter cookie dough!).

Another product I got to try was the GNC PUREDGE Daily Energy Formula, which comes in watermelon and cherry limeade (!!!). If you tell me you have cherry limeade, I’m sold for life! Having these protein bars and energy formulas around to supplement my fitness life is great. It’s easy and helps replenish me without having to think about it to much.

I haven’t been doing this long but I’ll be sure to report back. I know a lot of smart people have put time and research into creating a formula specifically for athletes and now I get to reap the benefits. I’m excited to see the results that come from this experiment.



Conversation Starter: Do you use protein powder? Do you lift weights? Has it made a difference in your fitness life? Tips and ideas? 

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