Hello friends! Hope you had a great weekend. Somehow the weather has held out for us and it’s been awesome! I finally replaced my winter coat — which I lost last year at the Richmond Marathon 🙁 Got a steal at Nordstrom Rack!

I’ve also been trying to study hard for my NASM certification, which will be scheduled in early January. Thankfully, Heather gave me so many great tips in her comprehensive study guide. She just passed recently and I was so thankful to have this.


Post-marathon, I’m still feeling really glad I ended up training enough to run the marathon this year. It was hard but the weather was too nice and the crowds too amazing to have missed it.

Additionally, I didn’t want to spend my weekends dreading 20 mile runs and I didn’t. So a win-win. Definitely showed me how much I need to even out my run. I’m thinking I need to train for a 1:45 half if I really want to make a goal right now.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.58.22 PM

I always love race photos but couldn’t get myself to buy any this time around — not with that kinda time — but still wanted to share one, even with the watermark.

I took four days off working out and then went  back to CrossFit. Speaking of…


It’s been nearly 3 years since I stepped into Trident CrossFit for the first time. I had no idea I’d get so hooked to this thing, but I’m just as excited about it now as I was then.

I recently felt like I’ve made some real strength gains. I got a clean PR last week and all my base weights are normally just a little heavier than they used to be.

Additionally, I’m solid on double unders, rope climbs (multiple) and Toes to Bar (in a row)…these are skills that can take some people a long time to get. Over the time, I’ve improved and feel proficient in them. There’s something so satisfying about practicing and “getting it.” It’s something adults forget to do a lot of the time.

The barbell is just pure fun to me.


Now that I’m learning more about how our muscles work together with our brains to create the perfect storm for our bodies to perform these activities, it’s even more interesting.

The barbell is what makes me feel like I can do anything — similar to the feeling I get during a race. Over time, I’ve come to love the bar more and more. A WOD without the bar is always a little disappointing but that’s the thing about CrossFit — it’s constantly varied functional fitness. That’s what makes it awesome!

I’m SO thankful my back surgery earlier this year was a success and I was able to come back to this. Which reminds me, tomorrow if Veteran’s Day. CrossFit is always doing something awesome for veterans and this year is no doubt. Check this out:

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.13.32 PM

The Three Wise Men tribute WOD is dedicated to the three Wise brothers, who served in the Army, Navy and Marines. Two of the brothers were killed and you can read their story here. The Three Wise Men Foundation exists to help veterans after they return from serving, ensuring they have access to all the services they need.

You can sign up for Three Wise Men and donate to the cause when you do it. I’m looking forward to completing this WOD in honor of the Wise brothers, who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 8.19.06 PM

And if you are the CrossFit type, a little bird told me they have some sweet sales going on and well, you know how I feel about Reebok 😉 These are affiliate links so click if you wanna but I figured I’d at least let you know about a good deal!


How was your weekend? Have I convinced you to try CrossFit yet? Do you normally do anything special on Veteran’s Day?

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