Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 8.56.40 PMLike many of you, I was shocked to see the photos of Renee Zellweger. She was trending all over social media all day — and for obvious reasons. The girl doesn’t look a thing like herself. Did Bridget Jones forget that we “like you very much, just as you are”? It seems so — but is the shock and awe over her look warranted? I would argue not.

I felt bad for her  because the public’s reaction wasn’t positive. If anything, it skewed negative but why so much hater-ade? Should we really put Renee Zellweger down for trying to change her appearance for what she sees as “the better?”

I can’t imagine the youth obsessed experienced of being a Hollywood celebrity. She’s been out of films and the public eye for several years now. I’d imagine it’s scary walking back onto that stage, years older & looking different.

But while many of us loved her round cheeks and distinctive eyes, maybe she never did. Or maybe she did at one time, but after getting ripped for weight loss and weight gain and who knows what else about her appearance, she wanted to change something.

Sometimes, people want a fresh start. Sometimes, that means a new look. If this is what Renee wanted, we shouldn’t put her down for it. Many will point to the fact that she’s a role model for young girls — and what does this say to them?

Well, it wouldn’t say a whole lot if people weren’t gasping for breath at the sight of her. If the reaction were a little more ho-hum and not a big deal. We tell girls to be proud of who they are, to celebrate the skin they’re in. But we also tell them to be who they want to be, to make decisions about themselves and their bodies that make them uniquely happy.

I don’t like the plastic surgery shaming one bit. One of my favorite female celebrities is Dolly Parton — a woman whose had surgery and is proud of it. The same went for Joan Rivers and she didn’t apologize.

If Renee Zellweger is happy with her new look, no one should be anything but gracious. She’s just being who she wants to be and we still like her very much, as as she is.

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