August Weekends. Oh you didn’t think I was in that pool this weekend did you? Naaa, just reminiscing about LAST weekend at Terranea Resort when I was sitting at that very pool drinking a very tasty $17 beverage — totally worth it to be in that moment, let me tell you!

Ooh by the way, I put up a new post about the CrossFit Games last night in case you missed it — some epic photos in that one!

Oh here’s that overpriced drink straight from my Instagram page:

pineapple drink

What did I really do this weekend? I love being home when I’ve been gone the previous weekend so I relished the downtime. Friday night, Rick and I went to dinner at our old favorite, LoneStar Steakhouse. Never too busy and cheap as they come for a steakhouse (also, $2 beers, what?!)

Saturday morning, I was up and ready to study for my NASM exam. Oh man, I feel like I’m going to med school…okay not really but there’s a LOT of stuff to remember. I’m doing on okay on the practice tests for each chapter so I think I can do it. Have a long way to go at this point though.


After that, I was pretty pumped to hit up CrossFit 🙂 Little did I know, it was “31 Heroes” workout day. I walked in and saw the previous class still getting through it and thought…hmm, this WOD looks a little scary!

Of course it’s for a wonderful cause. The workout is dedicated to 30 men and one dog who died in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. You can read more about the workout here.


Here’s the WOD:

AMRAP 31 minutes (As Many Reps As Possible)
8 Thrusters (155/105#)
6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 Box Jumps (30/24″)
*We added partners and 400m sandbag runs between switches.

Great thing for me? For the first time since I started back at CrossFit, my back didn’t hurt at all!  I was able to do box jumps instead of step ups and thrusters (though very, very light.)  I only did one rope climb because those things take it out of me. It was a partner WOD and my partner was Caitlin.

Saturday afternoon we went to see “The Purge: Anarchy” — which I was oddly intrigued to see. It wasn’t too bad and kept me interested so hey, I consider it a success!

A couple of brands I wanted to spotlight at the end of today’s post. First off, Arctic Zero. After meeting some of the reps at the Blend Retreat and sampling some there, I knew I wanted to try more. They emailed to see if I wanted to sampler and I said yes, yes, yes!

arcticzero arcticzero2

Did you SEE those flavors? Salted Caramel, Coconut and Orange Cream! (They have many more flavors as well!) Soooo good. You have to let them get a little melty because they get really frozen but once you do, enjoy! I love it because it really is guilt-free! It’s like instead of a pint of something full of fat and calories, you can have this.

Who knew something so amazing could even exist? I actually love their idea of using Arctic Zero in mini sandwich cookies and smoothies!

What else? Lo Fruit Beverages! Another sweet find at Blend that I couldn’t resist trying out when I got home. When I saw they had a mango mojito flavor, I was sold.

You can find all the health details about Lo here. The drinks only have about 45 calories, which to me, is a perfectly fine trade off when you need something sweet to drink. They are super sweet so keep that in mind but since I’ve got a mega sweet tooth, I liked them!


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