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What you’ve missed:

All spring and summer, the path to my favorite running spot has been closed for construction. FINALLY, they moved it and I can run down to the harbor again. And that’s where I found my sunrise run love again!

In the past week, I’ve run down there twice and it’s glorious at sunrise. It’s fairly sparse with people and the water goes on for miles. I love watching the rowers out early on the calm water, the few couples watching the sunrise together, a few old folks walking with their coffee from the nearby Starbucks.

Sometimes I look over at the water and the sun and think — how lucky am I that I get to run here? I’ve run in Indianapolis a lot — where my family lives — and it’s just no comparison. Sorry guys!

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At each increment the sun rises, the colors change…so much so that I find myself stopping a million times to get the perfect photo. Note to self — this is a run BEFORE work, you don’t have that much time!

Anyway, I just wanted to share some of these with you because I have found so much joy in them. I say to those who haven’t tried running outside at sunrise — DO IT. Honestly, there’s just something about it that’s different than running at any other time.

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So workouts this week have been:

  • Saturday: CrossFit & walk 4 miles
  • Sunday: OFF
  • Monday: OFF
  • Tuesday: Run 7 miles
  • Wednesday: CrossFit
  • Thursday: Run 9 miles
  • Friday: CrossFit (“Barbara” — woof!)

Not sure what the weekend holds but I’m trying to convince Rick to come Stand Up Paddleboarding with me. I’ve been wanting to do this for like 3 years so I really hope we do it!

Wanted to also mentioned that I got a complimentary package of Energems recently — and they are SO tasty! Hello — it’s called “chocolate energy,” how could not love that? The peanut butter ones taste just like Reese’s Pieces to me. Here’s the scoop on their caffeine:

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Oh and with all this fantastic working out, I’ve been making sure to fuel up properly. I’ve actually been cooking a ton out of the Runner’s World Cookbook (so good!) but found this most recent recipe on Pinterest. Check out my chicken salad with mango, avocado, tomato, quinoa and cumin lime dressing:


Looking forward to going to the CrossFit Games with Gina next weekend — I hope it’s as awesome as last year. No doubt! I have a few friends going I hope to see there as well — include my coaches from Trident!

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In light of this run-loving post, make sure you enter my Instagram GIVE-AWAY contest to win a FREE pair of Mizunos! Here’s the information for entering…just remember this is an INSTAGRAM contest, not Twitter so rules only apply there. Start by following me here (@Ericka81) and you can scroll down to find the photo posted in my feed.

*Some were confused on how to “re-post” the pic. You can download a repost app OR just screen shot it and upload like that — which is what I normally do. Let me know if you have any questions.


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