Oh did you think I was in? No — but close 🙂 My sister Lindsey is a finalist! She totally deserves to win and here’s why.  (If you already know she’s awesome and just want to vote — click here and scroll down!)

For years, Lindsey has been an inspiration to me. She’s been a selfless volunteer and worked professionally with people that are struggling her entire working career. She started out working at a low-income senior center where folks in the poorer part of Indianapolis went daily. She lead the seniors walking an entire half-marathon!

Then, she worked for over 2 years for Back on My Feet — and you all know what a wonderful organization I think that is. She showed me that people seemingly very different from ourselves are actually worth investing in and getting to know on a deeper, more powerful level.

Running a marathon with Back on My Feet.

Running with Back on My Feet.

As it relates even more to running, she inspired me (and others) to run. I wouldn’t have done my first marathon without her having done hers first, back in 2008. Since then, she’s run 13 marathons — Boston twice — and her training dedication is what got her to a 3:13 PR last year in the marathon.

On top of it all, she’s over come some big battles. First of all, she suffered two miscarriages before having her son, Marshall — who is now two years old.

Running with Marshall

Running with Marshall

Secondly, she found out she had inherited the BRCA2 gene mutation, which gave her an 86% chance of having breast cancer. In light of this, she opted to have a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery to get rid of that risk. It was a hard and brave decision. Leading up to the surgery was when she got PR and some months after the surgery, she ran the Boston Marathon (this year.)

She’s also managed to overcome some big fears in her life — and so much of that confidence was found through running. She’s such a wonderful example for females across the nation, demonstrating that running can change your life, help you through things and bring you out stronger on the other end.

I hope you’ll consider casting your vote for Lindsey Hein. I know she’d consider it an honor.

P.S. — You can vote daily 🙂

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