It’s been a busy week for me — as we launched our brand new website at work and had tons of promotional work to do. Tonight is our launch party in downtown DC — which I’m very excited about — and then I’m up early Friday morning to catch a plane to Park City, Utah for the Blend Retreat!

I’m so pumped to hang out with some awesome ladies in this beautiful part of the country (my first time to Utah!). I love blogger retreats because I always find I’m among such kindred spirits and I think this might be my favorite one yet.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to attend Blend on behalf of Balance Bar, a favorite bar of mine! They principle their bar after a “40-30-30” principle, which you can read about here. I like all their chocolatey options 🙂


Since starting my blog three years ago, I’ve been able to attend a lot of blogger meetups and I always come away having learned something new and with new friends, which is awesome!

You can read about some of my other trips here and here.


I’m also glad I’ll get to tick another state off my list — and Utah is a nice one! I’ve had far too little of the West in life. And apparently this is what Park City looks like in the winter:


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