For one year after college, I lived in Charleston, South Carolina and I loved every bit. I worked on Kiawah Island and had the world at my finger tips. For career reasons, I moved to DC but sometimes I wonder what I’d be doing had I stayed. Either way, I love to visit!

Rick and I drove down Friday morning starting at 4am to start our mini-vacation on Memorial Day weekend. I stayed at the Mainstay Suites hotel in Mt. Pleasant — it was well-priced and came with a full kitchen, refrigerator and table. This would be a great place for families looking to stay awhile and bring their own food.


I took this photo inside the Fish House restaurant near Patriot’s Point. Great view, right? We really enjoyed our meal there. It was spacious, beautiful and delicious. It wasn’t super busy, which I found surprising but since it’s not in downtown Charleston, I guess it misses some of the bigger touristy crowds. I got the crab cakes and they were awesome!


Before I bore with too many details, I figured I’d make a list of some of cool places we visited during our adventure to Charleston (where Rick had never been before.) Here we go:

Yes, I have been to SNOB, McCrady’s and some of the other well-known restaurants in the past but their reservations were all full when I tried to book (I haven’t been to Husk by they were booked solid too.) I was okay keeping it simpler this time and was just happy to hit up Kaminsky’s for an espresso martini. Rick had the bourbon pecan pie with…a side of bourbon.


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charlestonharbor3 charlestonharbor4

Charleston, South Carolina

This weekend was our First Anniversary present to ourselves. It was honestly one of the best weekends of my entire life — rivaling last year in Jamaica, really.  It reminded how much I love being with Rick and how funny, silly, loving, thoughtful and vulnerable he can be. Not that anyone likes to read the mushy stuff, but I think we grew closer this weekend and just had a blast with each other. I feel very blessed to have a husband who genuinely values  me and goes out of his way to be the best partner he can be. I hope we never stop telling eachother these things and that our love continues to grow as the years go by.

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