The plus-size model debate has been around forever. Why are so many gorgeous, non-overweight women cast into the plus-size model category when many of them are actually smaller than the average woman?

I don’t get it either…but as model Robyn Lawley says:

“Cindy Crawford couldn’t model today because of her curves.”

Robyn’s photo recently went viral, as people were rightly confused as to why she should be considered a “lesser” model (the plus-size category definitely does not get the fame like the “normal” category does.) You can see why people were confused:


I have no problem with the “regular” modeling category. Many models probably do have a naturally thin build and let’s not hate on any body type.

But…I also know what it’s like to be a teenage girl fawning over hip bones and thigh gaps. Yes, I was obsessing over the thigh gap before it was a thing. I have a distinct memory of sitting in the bath tub with my legs together, admiring the gap. I didn’t know why.

These days, you couldn’t pay me to have a thigh gap. I am much more like Robyn Lawley, loving my body and it’s curves. But I didn’t come by it easily.

It didn’t have to be that hard…

If we could elevate more voices (yes, models can speak though you don’t hear that very often!) like Robyn’s, maybe girls wouldn’t aspire to thin as a goal in life. Thin is such an empty word — skinny even more so.

“Saying you love your body works, it actually works…we should be accepting our natural size. [You shouldn’t] hold [your body] responsible for not working, to hold it responsible for holding your life back.” 

Let’s uplift Robyn so that maybe someday a model is just a model without having to have a preface before her name. And maybe more of them will have something like this to say.


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