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After almost 8 years of living in this area, I finally conquered the “Old Rag” climb in the Shenandoah Mountains. It was a beautiful, perfect day on Saturday and we wanted to  hike. I suggested “Old Rag,” knowing it was an all day venture.

So we packed PB&J’s, stocked up with Balance Bars, Camelbaks and hats and went on our way. It’s about 90 minutes to the area from our house. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize how warm it would get and really overdressed for the occasion of scrambling up steep hills.


That pic was actually taken before things got serious. We knew the trail was about 9-miles and the park ranger told us it took 4-6 hours…depending on how fast you were going obviously.

I figured we’d be in the 4-hour camp. So we were off and it was beautiful…not very crowded as I had expected either. We stopped at a waterfall and a few other places to take some photos but mostly, we were jetting through the path.

oldrag7Shenendoah Trailsoldrag3oldrag9oldrag8

Rick was determined to walk this thing as fast as possible it seemed. He loves to go really fast and jump all over the place — I always think he’s going to break his leg! I did my best to keep up but it was hard! At one point when we were speed hiking up a huge hill, I felt like I actually felt like I was running really hard.

I could feel the muscles in my butt, calves, quads and more working hard and we were saying, “oh man, we are not going to be able to walk tomorrow!”

The soreness wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be on Sunday but it was a crazy good workout! Long story short, it took us exactly 4 hours and we had never been so happy to see the car. Completely exhausted but…the good kind, you know.

oldrag10 oldrag12

So after taking a little detour, I “scientifically” calculated in my brain that we did about 10 miles of hiking. It’s rock solid math.

Anyway, I had a great time and am so glad I finally did it! Now it’s time to talk about our workouts!



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