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This weekend I got to attend DC Fit — which was an awesome mini-conference held downtown and hosted by In The Capital.

I’ve always wanted to see something this in DC so I was excited about it. There were multiple workout sessions, speaking panels and food samples.

I started with Barre — my first time trying this class. Let’s talk about how my quads were burning within a minute. Oooh, it hurt so good. It reminded me how out of shape I am in some areas — and how I could really get my legs strong for better, faster running.



Luckily, my best workout buddy Maggie came with. It was finally sunny and springy in the city — Oh man that makes your mood so much better.

After Barre, we went to sample some of the awesome food that was there. Here are some of the companies we got to sample:


There were also a ton of local fitness places there. We recently got a Reebok FitHub here so it was awesome chatting it up with those folks, considering I have such a great connection with Reebok.

There was another company called “Drop In” that gave you the ability to sign up for a number of classes all over the area and sample a lot of them for one price — brilliant idea. I’m totally gonna check this out! Here are some of the other places representing:

There was also a pole dancing place there — with a pole set up and everything. Unfortunately, their little corner wasn’t super welcoming because of the set up. There was a girl doing stuff on the pole the whole time (check out my Instagram feed for a pic of it!) but then there was a semi-creepy looking guy in the corner taking photos of her the whole time. They didn’t try striking up conversation with anyone so no one went over to their booth. I think many girls would have been interested but talking about pole dance fitness may be intimidating for some and creepy photography guy pushed everyone away!


yoga17 yoga18

After barre, we did Tabata. Dude, Tabata will KILL you if you do it right. I could definitely tell I’ve lost some fitness. I also tried doing double unders with a a girl from Reebok’s rope — and holy goodness, I’m out of shape (for me.) Granted, the rope was a little short for me but still.

After all that fabulousness, it was time for some yoga. I was craving some stretching by that time. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out there in time and had to do yoga on the concrete! Not so nice on the knees but it still did the trick.

yoga2yoga20 yoga22

So all these fitness classes were so rad that I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a cranky old woman. My legs haven’t been this sore in years. It’s a combo of getting back into fitness and not having do squats or anything like them for six months. That’ll do it.

I’m still hobbling around today — and even had to postpone my Barre3 class in Georgetown because I was soooo hurting. Back in the game this morning with some light jogging with Back on My Feet — or at least that’s the plan as I write this!

What did you do workout-wise this weekend? Did you run the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler? How about just a jog outside in the spring weather? How did you enjoy the weather?!

Workouts of the Week

  • Monday: 3.5 mile run, lots of stretching
  • Tuesday: Yoga
  • Wednesday: Rest
  • Thursday: 6 miles, stretching
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: DC Fit – Tabata, Barre, Yoga
  • Sunday: Rest & stretch, stretch, stretch


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