I ran into this Nike commercial I had never seen before and man did it make me think (I’m obsessed with sports marketing and their ability to inspire!)

Here you’ll see multiple professional athletes participating and succeeding in sports that are not what they are known for. It looks odd to see Lance Armstrong in a boxing ring and Serena Williams on the sand volleyball court. But as they launch into action, you can’t help but me mesmerized.

Only when you make a goal can you reach it…

I had no idea that these professional athletes had tried and excelled at sports completely different from their own. It’s inspiring in a different kind of way than when you see cross finish lines and win games in their chosen sport.

Someone else who made the jump…as an OLYMPIAN, Lolo Jones:


This commercial says to me, “You can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Yes, these people have a lot of athletic ability — trained to the max in their sports — but don’t think they didn’t have to work their butts off to achieve greatness and a skill set for a different sport. I mean, did you see that vault by Marion Jones? Holy moly!

You have a unique set of skills and ideas in your head — think about what you supposedly “can’t do” but want to do. Now, find a way to train and learn for that and stop making excuses.

Everything is “figure-outable” these days. Education and learning is FREE on the Internet.

Here are my goals that seems tough:

  • Own my own business
  • Become a personal trainer and exercise instructor
  • Become a good public speaker
  • Write a book
  • Learn to invest & make money from it

I can’t do them all RIGHT NOW but I can pick one and run with it. Currently, I’m going to B-School, where I’m learning a little about all of these things and getting really inspired already — even though it doesn’t start until next Monday! I’m also slowly working on a book, slowly but surely 🙂

What ‘s your “second sport” going to be?

Don’t take it all on at once but put your hear into it and you CAN do it. 

P.S. *Let’s remember this commercial came out before all the scandals erupted for some of these folks (this is our muse, not our example, and I was inspired by this so I wanted to share.)

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