I never commented on “hot mom” Maria Kang here (though I did on my Facebook page) but now that she’s come out with another “What’s Your Excuse?” poster, I’m ready to chime in — especially since I saw a counter to her poster from another mom of three that rocked (scroll past the next graphic for that one.)

My original thought on Kang’s picture was — awesome! She looks great, she works hard and “What’s Your Excuse?” is actually a phrase I’ve seen on multiple sporting brands. Just the other day in my Women’s Health magazine, a running shoe brand (can’t remember which) had it on one of their ads. It’s a motivating thing and I’m not opposed to her using it.


People got way too angry about it. It wasn’t a personal attack on anyone — and being offended, well, that is totally unproductive. As I like to say, “you do you.” Getting offended is so not worth your time in almost all areas of life. A waste of negative energy.

But It’s Not Cut and Dry

But Kang is certainly out of the ordinary. She obviously values the time it takes to mold and sculpt her body into that kind of shape — and that’s great. I know she says she has “limited time” but you don’t look like that spending 30 minutes/3 days a week — requires more time no doubt. It also would take a very strict diet for me (or others) to look like that — and I haven’t had kids.

The latest photo feels like she’s throwing her self-discipline and awesomeness into our faces instead of taking a more encouraging — do the best you can — approach.

Additionally, there is no standard that Kang’s body is ideal. She looks amazing and I applaud her for that if that’s what she wants but not everyone cares about looking as trim and toned.

**And for anyone that’s looking to get motivated, you can take her posters for what they’re worth and apply them!

I can totally forgive her for the first picture — it was meant to be motivating and inspiring — and it was! The second picture is just rubbing it in. It seems tacky and attention-grabbing and I don’t respect that. Finally, it’s not the best way to be inviting and encouraging of folks who are new to getting shape. It may even turn them off. Kang can do whatever she wants. I just think this approach is unhelpful. So that’s where I am with it.

Now check out this:


What do you think of the new Maria Kang ad? How about Taryn Brumfitt’s response? Do you think someone could take the positive from Kang and use it to their benefit without being offended? How would your poster look? 

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