Core Power Challenge Winner Is…Emily Pickett!
Winner of “Finding Mr. Righteous” Is…Rebecca Pytell!

Starting off Monday right with a pic of these gorgeous donuts from yesterday! I actually liked looking at them better than nibbling at them. Truth be told, I opted for a bagel in this breakfast selection but it’s always fun picking out the different donuts at Dunkin’! (Also, I always get the cinnamon flavoring in my coffee!)

Timeline of a Weekend

7pm: Dinner at Lonestar Steakhouse
9pm: Home, watching True Hollywood Story or something before falling asleep.

7am: Up with coffee
7:30am: Spend an hour setting up social media for work
9am: Read up on Marie Forleo’s B-School (hello, I’m going!)


10:45am: Head to LA Fitness and spend 15 minutes on arms, 1 hour at yoga and 3 miles speed walking on the treadmill.
1pm: Shower, eat lunch, and get ready.
2:30pm: Arrive at Top Golf for a friend’s birthday party.


5:30pm: Eat dinner at Del Ray Pizzeria (so good!)
8:30pm: Stop for ice cream at the store
9pm: Watch a movie on the couch

7am: Wake up, coffee, set up social media for work
9am: Stop at Dunkin’ Donuts, pick up Maggie, drive out to Michelle’s house
10:15am: Morning at Michelle’s drinking mimosas, eating and hanging out with Austin the cutie!



1pm: Drive back to Alexandria, drop Maggie off.
3pm: “Frozen” -themed birthday party for 2&3-year-old girls of friends

7pm: Oscars party at my friend Christine’s house!
11pm: Blogging, reading, sleeping!


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