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I’ve never been good on stretching. I’ve always known it’s good for you but it’s thrown on to the end of workouts in a haste — often skipped all together in favor of time to get ready for work.

Boy was that a bad idea. Having lived with a back problem for nearly 6 months now, I’ve come to see just how important stretching is.

Imagine your muscles becoming tight and never getting relief. It puts pressure of everything around it — including your spine — an important thing to take care of!

Now I can’t help but envision my muscles — not just in my back but everywhere — tightening and never getting relief. Truth? If you neglect stretching, you are neglecting your full responsibility to exercise with care for your body.

Everyday Stretches for a Healthy Body

1. Cobra Stretch: This one feels good! You want to slowly arch up and then bring your head back. I usually lift myself up and down 5 times slowly to get the strong. Always good to elongate your spine in this way.


2. Pigeon stretch: The more parallel your front shin is to your hip, the more intense stretch you will fill. You need to bring deeply into this pose and hold it on each side for about a minute. It’s not comfortable but it’s oh so good!

stretchingcollage.jpg3. Knee Hug Stretch: This one is easy but it feels great. Basically, lie on your back and hug one knee to your chest for 30 seconds to one-minute on each side, feeling the stretch in your buttocks and hamstrings (you can take the stretch out to the side a bit too.)


4. Hamstring Stretch: In this photo, I’m using the Xfinity band (love it!) and boy do I have tight hamstrings. I do this stretch every day and every day I need it. Slowly bring your leg up (don’t pull tight) and don’t rush the stretch. Breathe into and hold it for 30 seconds on each side twice.


5. Downward Dog: The classic yoga pose brings you back to center and gives you a change to really stretch your calves by pedaling them back and forth while in downward dog. You also get a great shoulder stretch. Keep the position for one minute.


7. Side Stretch: This worked amazingly well for me when back issues were acting up. Lean into one side and stretch your arm over your head to that side as well and pull that side of your body apart while leaning into the high lunge. It feels amazing. Hold twice for 30 seconds on each size.


8. Spinal Twist Stretch: This is a big stretch and an important one. To get the most out of it, make sure you turn your neck to view the outstretched arm. Breath into it to get deeper and hold it for a minute on each side.


9. Hamstring Stretch II: I love to reach up and feel the stretch in my whole body, holding it for a few seconds, then bowing down as straight as possible slowly bringing my hands as close to my feet as possible. Hold for 30 seconds twice.

PicMonkey Collage.png

Do you like the clothes I’m wearing? Guess what they are? Fabletics! I’m such a huge fan and they gifted me a couple of complimentary pieces from their spring catalog and I had to show them off.

My favorite is the top — which gives you a ton of air but doesn’t force you to wear just a sports bra. The lightweight jackets was perfect for the weather this weekend — too hot while working out — but nice as soon as I was done. It would also be good if there was a light drizzle or something. Then, the long light blue/white striped pants. Supercomfortable and cute!

PicMonkey Collage.pngIt was finally warm this weekend as you can see and that sunlight felt amazing! Definitely tried to stay active since tomorrow I’m having my back surgery. I would love to have  your prayers! The surgery is at 7:45amET on Tuesday and should take 45 minutes-1 hour. Then I’ll be recovering in the hospital most of the day and heading home that night. 


Do you do a lot of stretching or neglect it because of time restraints? Are there any stretches you love and can share with us? I’ve learned more stretching since I started going to yoga more — is that helpful to you as well? 


Lots of treadmill and elliptical this week for me but I didn’t record it and can’t remember the exact days of what! So, just know I was sweating with you! Now, link up with us!

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