Slightly obsessed with Mizuno’s new campaign, #IfEverybodyRan. It’s such a brilliant concept because I — and probably you — know, running simply makes life better. They’ve got a whole website for this thing and if I were you, I’d get on board!

If everybody ran, maybe they’d have a lot more good ideas, inspiration, happiness and perseverance.

…If I didn’t run, would I have ever started this blog?
…Would I have gotten so many of the opportunities that I’ve had in the past three years?
…If I never ran, would I have had the confidence to take jobs I was afraid, move places I’d never been too, take the plunge when I was scared to death?

Sometimes, I don’t think I would have gotten here where I am today. 

The high that comes with a run is irreplaceable. It may not last forever but for a pretty extended, my brain, body and heart work in all the best ways they can. If everybody ran, imagine the creativity and sparkle we’d see, the bad habits that would be broken! Mizuno broke down a few facts on how the world might be better if everybody ran:


They have some cute little videos to go along with it and this was my favorite one:

**Mizuno is having A Twitter chat with FitFluential tonight  at 9 PMET and would love to have you join the conversation. Simply follow @MizunoRunning and @FitFlunetial and be sure to use #IfEverybodyRan! 

Do you know someone that could use a run? How has your life been improved by running? 

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