snowSo that was me last weekend in the DC-area — can you believe it’s still snowing in March? Ridiculous. At least we had some fun with it. I’m so resistant to be outside in the snow but Rick convinced me to take a walk with him and of course it was a grand idea because I felt 100% after working up a sweat in the cold!

Wanted to show a few of the pix we took (with the iPhone that is)!:


Get Your Booty Outside

If it’s still cold and yucky where you are, don’t underestimate the benefits of getting outside anyway! I often feel stifled in the gym and crave fresh air — but it’s so hard to get out there.

We walked for over 2 miles and I’ll tell you I was sweating by the end and felt so good to have gotten outside. Then I was really excited to go in and get some hot chocolate and be all cozy. It makes being warm and cozy on that couch that much better!

Having a hard time stepping outside? Do some jumping jacks or something else to get hot inside and then the blast of cold will feel good when you walk outside!

*In the meantime, friends, I’m here in Austin, Texas soaking up my education at South by Southwest (SXSW) and learning like crazy. Yesterday, i saw a fantastic talk with Mark Cuban and live tweeted the crap of out it. Check out my stream if you are interested in some tidbits of wisdom. I’ll be back soon to share with you all I learned at this amazing conference! 


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