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*Take-away of the day from SXSW πŸ™‚

Good Monday Morning to you all! I’m still here in Austin (yes, learning bits to come!) and I’m learning a ton.

In fact, I’m wishing I’d come into this entrepreneur, dreamer, vision, marketing obsession much earlier in life. It’s exhilarating and hopeful and awesome.

On the frustrating side, I’m having such a hard time being active. It’s making me feel a little guilty. As you may know, it’s tough eating healthy at a conference — not because there are no healthy options because there are so many unhealthy options! Hello Tex Mex, BBQ and room services greasiest quesadillas. So I’m feeling a bit out of control. But I’m doin’ okay.


I packed three sports bras and plenty of workout clothes. As I write, the only ones I’ve used are the yoga pants and Reebok zip up jacket I’m currently wearing to write.

Comfort matters. I know — what does it matter when I’m soaking up all this rad knowledge? I’ll be back to normal soon! In fact, I have some news on that front.

I’m Getting Back Surgery

After months of chiropractor, then physical therapy, three cortizone shots and no running or CrossFit (since September) since November — it’s time.

I’ve made the decision to have back surgery. It’s fairly noninvasive and is only a 45-minute surgery with no overnight stay. My doctor assures me it’s very common and recovery is not even a week.

I have already heard the back surgery horror stories. I know there are risks to everything but I’m confident in this decision and my doctor says I will literally be able to run after a week. Hallelujah!


As I silently cry over missing the L.A. Marathon yesterday, I find solace in the idea that I will hopefully be training to run a fall marathon.

I’ve learned a lot in this process — namely that proper stretching deserves it’s due time an diligence. Also, proper form is absolutely essential when you are working with weights and that core power matters. I know I’ve learned from this and I am looking on the bright side.

Week in Workouts

Monday: 3 mile walk, 15 min. elliptical
Tuesday: 30 min. elliptical, arms
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 20 min. elliptical, 15 min. bike, arms
Friday: REST
Saturday: Walking around SXSW all day, yoga
Sunday: LAZY


Β Do you ever struggle with working at conferences or out of town events? Have you been to SXSW? What was your favorite workout of the past week?Β 

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