Hey hey strangers! I know I wrote yesterday I still feel like I’ve been gone. Normal life has gone out the window with this surgery. Trust me, I never wanted to see the inside of my apartment for this long at one time.

But…I’m incredibly grateful for:

  • A loving husband to take care of me
  • A wonderful job that is totally understanding
  • Great health insurance that covered most of my surgery
  • A nurse Mom I can call with all my silly questions
  • Being able to catch up on my shows (Nashville, Parenthood, the Mindy Project!)Β 

That being said, as soon as I’m “recovered,” I’m so ready to take some action on a healthy spring. My diet has been totally whack this week as well. Lots of popsicles and soup and milk (for bone formation and healthy growth!) I’ve also had a lot of time to search online and wanted share with you some of the fun ideas I’ve found for starting this season off with a bang.


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