No, it doesn’t mean I’m running again…yet. But, I am an ambassador for the ZOOMA Annapolis Half-Marathon that is happening on Saturday, May 31st in Annapolis, Maryland.

I’ve got three months to be able to run. It’s possible, people. At this rate, I’ll be having surgery on my herniated disc sometime in the next month or so. Even if I cannot run the race, I’ll go be super cheerleader (done that a few times) and just be glad to be around runners!

Seriously, though I’ve wanted to do this race for sometime so I was really excited to get contacted for ambassadorship. I may not be running like crazy right now but I’m still a running advocate like no other!

zooma1If you are close to the Annapolis area, think about signing up! Here are the details:

Who: You!
What: ZOOMA Annapolis Half-Marathon
When: Saturday, May 31st, 2014
Why: Annapolis is awesome & ZOOMA aims to create a motivating, encouraging atmosphere for women to be there best. How could you not love it?
*Register here.

Gotta share a little sponsor love here too! I had never had Muscle Milk before but I’m loving it. I’ve been drinking after workouts — it’s easier than mixing up my own chocolate milk. I like the Muscle Milk Light because it’s only 160 calories for an entire recovery protein shake. The Cytomax has been great too — for when I’m moving from one activity to another. You know I’m a sucker for those gummies!

This week I got another delivery as part of my ambassadorship — from Feetures, which sells performance-based socks and I was pretty pumped about that. I am not going to lie, I normally skimp on socks so it will be nice to know what it feels like to wear the “good” ones! Haven’t tried yet but intend to very soon. Check them out:


Weekend Workin’ It

The weekend wasn’t super eventful, though we did go see “Three Days To Kill” with Kevin Costner. I’ll admit, I liked it better than I expected. Obviously, it was really my “pick” but you gotta take turns ya know! There was kind of a sweet sentimental father-daughter story in there and not too many chase scenes so I was good!

Saturday we woke up to nice weather for the first time in months! I was on a sunshine high! Instead of driving to my Saturday conference, I rode my bike and it felt glorious. I was hanging out with bloggers in town for a conference and had a great time.




I had intended to swim but after a long day, it didn’t happen and I settled on doing a double core workout while watch a little “House of Cards.” I’m almost done watching Season 2 and almost irritated at myself for being as obsessive about watching it as everyone else in this town!

Sunday morning, we went to church and I have got to say, they are doing an amazing series that is right up my ally. It’s called “I Like Giving” and it’s all about give of yourself and your in both big and small ways. It’s really inspired me — and the entire series was actually inspired by my pastor’s friend who wrote a book about this movement he created. It’s only available for pre-order now but we all got free copies!


Anyway, I encourage you to check out the site linked above. It will definitely inspire you get started on some random acts of kindness!

Oh lastly, before move on to Workout Link Love and Core Power, I was pumped to get a surprise box of Clif Bar Mojo Bars this week! These things are absolutely delicious though I gotta say the dark chocolate cherry ones are my favorite! Thanks to Clif for sending over, I will have no proble devouring all of this within the week!


 Workout Link Karma!

Monday: 45 min. swimming, core, 10 min. elliptical
core, 2 mile walk
REST & PT (core)
4 mile speed walk, core
REST (core)
45 minutes bike, double core
30 min. swim, 15 min. elliptical





Core Power Challenge Day #29


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