*Why are those people (engaged couple and athletic superstars in DC, her: tennis, him: hockey)  on my blog? Well, that is the cover of a magazine I’m actually IN this month! Scroll down to see my feature! 

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What can I say? I’m a Washington socialite. Just kidding — I’m really not — but I was actually excited to be included on this list that came out. Each year, Washington Life Magazine does a “Young and the Guest List” where they spotlight local professionals under 40. Think tanks are one of their categories and I was thrilled to secure a spot to represent the social and digital world!

When I first heard about it, I had no idea it was so fancy. We arrived at a nice hotel, where we had hair, make up and a professional photo shoot done. I thought it was going to look amazing! Unfortunately, the photo is very unflattering and makes me look like I have a huge arm and no waist…but other than that, the whole thing was cool. (Sorry, had to say it!)

I feel extremely fortunate to have had such a fun, exciting career in Washington, DC. When I came here as an intern in 2006, I had no idea I’d come into such neat jobs, meet so many cool people or enjoy what I do so much. I’ve yet to meet a President (though I got about three rows away from President Bush last year and did get to meet Dick Cheney while he was still in office!) but hoping I’ll make it happen eventually!

Meeting Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2012.

Meeting Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2012.

Washington has so much opportunity for jobs in nearly any field you could want — working for so many different causes. I often take for granted the expansive possibility that is here, since my entire working adult life has been here.  That being said, I do really enjoy what I do and love that it intersects so much with my outside interests in social and digial media as a whole — including running this blog.

Here’s my page:


I was featured with my co-worker, Nick Loris, who works on energy policy and Ilya Shapiro, who is an expert at the Cato Institute. If nothing else, it was a fun thing to do and hopefully helpful for my career! If you are interested in seeing the whole issue, it’s embedded below:


Now back to exercise!


Core Power Challenge Day #10


How’s that for Day #10? Anyone feeling a little stronger? I hope your core work is helping but we’ll be able to tell more at the end of 30 days! Part of the goal of the Core Power Challenge is to make you more mindful of core work in general. When we are done, you may not do it everyday, but hopefully you will begin to incorporate it into your regular exercise routine more often!

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