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I have to start today’s post out with a little mushiness right? It IS Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day has never been super special to me because, well, I never had a Valentine. Relationships for me were always fleeting — on and off, unrequited, undefined — and that meant that come February, I didn’t get flowers or cards or dinner.

In the end, that meant something really great…that the man I married would be the ONLY Valentine I would ever have, before or after.

The guy is so thoughtful that he gave me my Valentine’s Day present two weeks ago 🙂 Just one of the many things I love about him and his enthusiasm.

Valentine’s Day is a bit of a silly holiday but, if I may say, life has truly been better for me with this love in my life. So, for today, I’m gonna celebrate us!

Stuff I’ve Been Trying 


Mizuno Wave Hitogami. I’m lucky enough to work with Mizuno a lot so I’m able to try their new shoes complimentary often. This has been my favorite pair in quite some time. Why do I like it? Light weight (very), minimal — but not too minimal, cool colors and laces, comfortable. If I could run right now, it would be in these. Otherwise, I’ve been wearing them to the gym a lot.


Cave Cravings. Boxes are all the rage these days so I knew it wouldn’t be long before the Paleo crew came out with one. I was really excited when Cave Cravings contacted me to try. Even though I’m not Paleo, I still like Paleo food and especially the whole low-carb aspect. I really enjoyed the snacks in this box, particularly the coconut macaroon things! Definitely a fun box if you are looking for something that’s all about the food and will give you easy ideas for Paleo stuff to invest more in.


Power Ice. Though testing out ice pops is not ideal in the middle of blizzard season, after a sweat-astic workout, you’ll try anything! I always try to have a recovery drink of some kind after a workout and these can sub as that. I really like them because they are low-calorie and come in different flavors. I think they will be better used in the summer but if you want an alternative to boring old energy drinks, definitely give Power Ice a try.


Muscle Milk, Cytomax & More. As part of my participation as a ZOOMA Ambassador, I got an awesome stash of their sponsoring products, Muscle Milk and Cytomax. I had never had Muscle Milk before but did you know it doesn’t have any actual milk in it? Yeah, it’s actually a recovery protein drink and I’ve been downing the light version of it. Very tasty if you are chocolate milk person. They also have vanilla creme, which is next on my list to try! The Cytomax is a recovery drink and gels (like Chomps kind of ) and when I start training again, those two will be used up in a jiffy.

Mancuso of the U.S. competes in the slalom run of the women's alpine skiing super combined event at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics


Core Power Challenge Day #18

Check out this workout I found in Bodybuilding.com. I think it will do the trick for today!

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 7.09.38 AM

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