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I chose from a variety of articles I thought my readers would like. This subject — on dealing with stomach issues naturally — stuck out to me because I so often deal with that — and nothing seems to help. I’ve always thought that natural remedies were best for most issues we encounter. I hope you will benefit from this as much as me.

I’d love to hear YOUR best natural remedies for things in the comments. Do you have a go-to cold or flu remedy? How about aches and pains? Gas or indigestion? I’m all ears!

Warm Up, Stay Fit & Keep Moving!

I also wanted to share with you an awesome graphic created by the folks at Venta Airwasher. They are really into providing wellness tips to their customers and asked me to contribute to their winter tips guide. I had no idea they’d create such a beautiful graphic to display the tips! Check it out:


Now onto a a little core action…!


Core Commit Day #23

  • 25 crunches x 2
  • 10 push-ups x 2
  • 20 bird dogs on each leg x 2


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