We’ve all been there — searching for Mr. Right, even from the time we were kids. Not many of us have documented that journey in a book, but when there is a story worth telling, you should do just that. My friend and author Lisa De Pasquale just this week published her first book, “Finding Mr. Righteous.” It is a memoir of her dating relationships in the political and spiritual landscape of her life in Washington, DC.

She documents some of the men she’s dated in the past from many different religions as she personally tried to find her own religious footing in the Christian conservative world of her career. She has chapters including “The Atheist,” “The Muslim,” “The Quaker” and more so for those that have had this experience, no doubt you’ll relate.


What I love most about the book is Lisa’s vulnerability and honesty. She talks openly about her struggles with weight, self-confidence and reveals decisions she made with men that so many of us have made but haven’t admitted. I related to many of her stories — especially the ones about confusing, undefined, on and off relationships full of frustration and even sadness. This is not to say her story is sad but to say she writes the story so many of us women have endured — especially modern women in the city subject to men who were never really taught to be men when it comes to dating.

She allows us to see inside her mind, as she lets guys back in that often don’t deserve a spot in her heart (haven’t we all been there?) Many will relate to her habit of remaining friends with exes even as they move on to new parts of their lives. I know this is something I did for years, clinging to the comfort the friendship to fulfill something else.

Overall, I think every women will see herself in the book and appreciate the honest look Lisa takes at her life and how the journey for her religiously comes full circle. I won’t give away the end but I’d encourage you to check it out. It may just inspire you to get your stories out there as well.

*Read an interview with Lisa from the Daily Caller here (not gonna lie, was pretty excited she gave a shout out to TSL!)

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