Oh yes, we’ve made it to Thursday thank goodness! How is your week going? Mine is busy busy busy but good. It seems the busier I am, the more productive and fulfilled I am. What kind of personality does that give me? I’m definitely not Type-A so…not sure!

On Rachel from The Biggest Loser

Of course I caught up with all the chatter about Rachel from the Biggest Loser. My main reaction is — this poor girl! I can’t imagine all the tweets and emails and everything else she is getting. Let’s give her a little breathing room.


I did think she looked too thin. But, none of us know anything about the situation. We don’t know her body. We don’t know if she’s listening to it or not. We don’t know if she really needed that money and did whatever it took. We don’t know if this will all balance out now that the show is over. Imagine spending 7 months completely obsessed with losing weight and winning this contest. Talk about screwing with your head.

The reaction in Jillian and Bob’s faces was concerning. It was pretty obvious what they were thinking but none of us should be judging this until it pans out in the long run. I hope Rachel doesn’t have an eating disorder. I hope the Biggest Loser doesn’t screw people’s minds up, like some have said. I simply hope Rachel has found freedom — and is able to adapt a healthy, balanced lifestyle from here on out.

What do you think about the hype? Too much too soon? Did you watch this season of the Biggest Loser? 

Getting My Work Out On

Work has been BUSY but I’m still making time to workout. Sunday I swam my heart out and Tuesday I spent reading a mag on the bike and elliptical.

Since taking some time off, I’ve noticed that I’m less concerned with the amount of time I spend exercising and just able to relax with taking multiple days off. This is a great thing!

While part of me wishes I could run and train right now, another part of me is relieved that I’m not planning everyday around running piles of miles! When marathon training is on, it’s so hard and I’m constantly obsessing over when to get the miles in.


I went to spin class last night at L.A. Fitness. I am not a huge fan of spin but needed something different. After going to really fun classes at Revolve DC, I knew this class was probably going to be kind of lame.

I was right and actually left early. In my experience, I just cannot handle 60-minute spin classes. I hit my limit at 45 minutes. I’m sure my legs will be sore tomorrow! I then went home to finish up the day with the Core Power Challenge video. Good stuff!


Let me tell you, 10 minutes of core can really get to you! It’s been great having this accountability because there is NO WAY I would have come home to do it if I didn’t!

In other fun news, I came home today to three boxes full of good stuff from ZOOMA. As part of my ambassadorship, I am helping promote products like Muscle Milk — which is awesome! I’ll spotlight some of that in another post.

I also got a special delivery of the latest issue of Runner’s World, which includes a very cool — first-time ever in-magazine video advertisement from Brooks for their new shoe. And hello, Blue Diamond Almond delivery — Olympic-themed! I’m slightly obsessed with Blue Diamond 🙂 Here’s the stash:


The last exciting thing from yesterday was a little online interview I did on the piece I wrote for Victory Girls blog this week. You may have heard that there was some criticism of the “America the Beautiful” Super Bowl ad from Coke. I spoke against the backlash, which was interesting to some because many conservatives were not in agreement with me. While I don’t usually bring divisive issues onto this blog, I thought this taping went okay and it was fun to dip my toe in the debate waters on something a little lighter.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 6.20.38 AM

How is your week going? What are you looking forward to this weekend? Time for a little Core Power now 🙂


Core Power Challenge Day #11

  • Weighted ball crunch: Hold an exercise ball, weight or something weighted above your head with both hands. Bring ball down to one side and back up. 20 reps.
  • Single Leg Lunge: 10 reps on each side, as show below.
  • Push-ups: It’s my experience that most women cannot do correct push-ups. A pushup in correct form is REALLY tough — and you don’t want to do them incorrectly (most people do.) So I recommend doing wall push-ups or bench push-ups to keep form. You MUST keep your core extremely tight. Keep your arms narrow, under the shoulders and bend elbows back, not out. 10-20 of these, you decide!

bench pushups

  • Side to side crunch: Sit upright, hold your weight. Keeping your core forward, move the ball from one side to the other. Do 20 reps total.
  • crunch
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