Athletes: Billy Demong, Dan Jansen, Erin Hamlin, Evan Lysacek, Julie Chu, Picabo Street, Rico Roman, Ted Ligety, and Alana Nichols.

Let’s help future athletes reach their full potential by getting financial assistance to Olympians in need. Not everyone with Olympic potential can afford to quit working and train full time. Not everyone can cover the cost of equipment, travel, lodging and more. It takes a lot of money to support an Olympic athlete and that’s why it’s so awesome that Citi is running the “Every Step of the Way” program to help U.S. athletes of the next generation that may need this financial assistance.

They are donating $500,000 and YOU get to decide where the money will go. What programs do you support? Which sport needs the most help? What athletes are in need? Check out the page and see how you can help make a difference for future Olympic athletes.


Check out this video from this year’s Olympic & Para-Olympic athletes supporting the cause:

Every time the Olympics are on, I’m enthralled, inspired and motivated. These athletes truly know what it means to give their all. I know that many kids in the inner city or in poor neighborhoods in the country  — people who are different or don’t have supportive parents — whatever the case may be, they don’t have what they need.

While my normal “good causes” are for things more dire, I believe this is a worthy cause as well. I know if I had that kind of potential, yet lacked the resources to see my dream through, these kinds of programs would be a miracle. Some of the most emotional moments you’ll see this year are athletes in these Winter Olympics.

I think Citi did a very cool thing by sponsoring this program. Be sure to check it out.

This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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