While I’m a frequent commentor on many blogs, I’m a lurker on far more. Many of those are larger, more spiritually-based platforms like Rachel Held Evans, Sarah Bessey or in this case, Jon Acuff.

I catch his stuff in my Facebook feed a lot — much it rather thought provoking and a piece last week definitely caught my eye. It’s essentially how I view my blog but hadn’t ever articulated as such.

His one striking sentence: “Your blogging platform is not for you.”

I may have started the blog as an exercise in self-reflection or to have fun documenting life but that’s no longer the case. When I started the blog, I actually didn’t even tweet out my posts believe it or not! I said to myself — “this will just be your thing and if anyone happens to find it on the Internet, so be it.”

Well, that didn’t last long. Having an audience is a privilege and a responsibility. It’s an opportunity and a gift.  I don’t have a massive readership — but sometimes what you have to say needs only to be delivered to one person for it to make a difference.

This space on the Internet is not for me — it’s for others. 

Over time, I’ve used it more and more to spotlight things I think are important. Yes, we talk about fitness but that is NOT what life is about. If I inspire you to exercise, I’m very glad. If something here inspires you to sponsor a child, volunteer on a regular basis, take a mission trip to Haiti — much much better!If it inspires you to practice kindness and compassion everyday — not just a Christmas — well, that is my larger hope. (And let me note, when we treat our bodies well, we are much more likely to do other things that are good for us and the world!)

That’s why I created the “Causes” page of my website.

It’s not going to be the most clicked on. In fact, it’s usually the least clicked on. But this blogging platform is not for me. Thanks to the Internet, I have the ability to speak out for the voiceless in ways that I never could before.

Yes, I’m do-gooder and I’m proud of it and I love it and it’s made my life SO much better. So much so that I want that to be contagious and I want others to realize the blessing it is to give.

What do you care about?
Are you donating your time or money to that cause?
Are you helping it “work” in the world? They need you.

These are the organizations and causes I support to get you started. Take a look, then pick your own. Take something and make it “your thing.” Your blogging platform — or your life platform — is not for you.

I welcome comments but don’t have a specific question. If you’d like to share your favorite charities to support, I always like to see that!
I’m loving today’s #CoreCommit video, guys. These 10-minute videos from FitSugar are awesome, quick and really get your core. It goes to show you don’t have to spend hours working on this if you are consistent!

Sorry today’s post is up late — crazy week! I hope it doesn’t cause an issue for those participating. If so, just catch up tomorrow 🙂 Here’s the video:


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