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Hey everyone! So today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Instagram follows. It’s sometimes hard to know who to follow on Insta because there’s not a great search method. What makes your favorite kind of Instagram follows?

I like people who keep it colorful, purposeful, creative and fun. Too much to ask? I also LOVE following Crossfitters because power lifts are perfect for short videos & I’m borderline obsessed with them!

My Favorite Instagram Follows

1. Lauren Conrad — Because, pretty.
2. Olive to Run — Cute, creative running instas
3. Healthy Happier — Fun snapshots from an active life abroad
4. Ryan Seacrest — Do you really need a reason?
5. Exsoycise — Buff lady with healthy, fun eats!
6. Insta_Meaghan — The cutest DC fitness female!
7. NHerShoes — Bobbi’s infectious smile, spirit & adorable baby girl are IT!
8. AmyCornwell — Love her beautiful jewelry designs & creativity
9. Koda Crossfit — Love their well-positioned photos & videos!
10. Ager_Bomb — The cutest CrossFit girl around — awesome vids & buff bods!
11. Nutritionella — Always different, always pretty, love her!
12. AlecSmith8 — Obsessed with his Crossfit videos!

So, how about you? I’d love some suggestions of the Instagrams you like to follow! Oh — and don’t forget to follow me @Ericka81 🙂


Core Power Challenge Day #9

  • 100 sit-ups (crunches, regular, on the ball, whatever works for you!)

What are your favorite Instas to follow? Do you like Instagram or is it a waste of time? Have you seen any brands or companies do a great job? 

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