Not a real workout you say? Think again! So since I’m starting physical therapy this week, I’ve still been taking it easy on the workouts until I hear more from them about what is okay. I’ve been stretching regularly each day, especially hips, hamstrings and lower back. Sunday it was more like:

  • Chasing after a 1.5 year-old
  • Running up and down the jungle gym
  • Swinging, monkey bars  and slide (over and over!)
  • Carrying babies for hours (best part!)

This weekend I’m in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a weekend getaway with my sisters. Shelby just recently moved there so Lindsey and I both flew down. My aunt, cousins and uncle all live nearby and my grandparents are also down from Indiana visiting so it’s been a great time. These photos only include Lindsey, my Grandma and two of the three kids.

Yesterday, we walked to the park and I ran around chasing the kids for an hour. Keeping up with 1-year-old Marshall and 3 year-old Giovanna was quite a task. Both are full of nonstop energy and demand a lot of attention (which I love to give them!)








Marvelous Monday Workout Weeks

So what was my workout schedule this week?

  • Monday: 3 mile walk, lots of stretching, planking & core
  • Tuesday:  SICK
  • Wednesday: SICK
  • Thursday: SICK
  • Friday: 30 min. bike, 2 mile walk, planking & core
  • Saturday: Travel
  • Sunday: Toddler Workout!

Now, what was yours? SHARE your workout (blog or link) below to be featured in next week’s post and be seen here!

I’m doing a weekly workout link up with Run to the Finish and I’d love to see what you did this week! Link your workout below and I’ll feature your blog in next Monday’s blog post! Hey, accountability and free advertising? You can’t go wrong!

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