It’s here! My long-awaited redesign! I’ve been considering a major redesign forever. I had also been considering a switch from Blogger to WordPressevery blogger’s battle (thanks for sending this tip list Freeing Imperfections!)

While I don’t know the future of this blog, I do know that I hope it is around for a long time — and I hope that it grows. Most every blogger I have talked to about it says WordPress is the way to go if you plan to get more sophisticated in your blogging. So, I (skeptically!) took the plunge.

The Cost of  Transferring from Blogger to WordPress

The cost was a big factor in this…do I really want to spend this much money on my blog? I considered it an asset that will come back to me in the end. Additionally, I sealed an advertising deal that cost the exact amount it would cost to transfer from Blogger to WordPress and get a redesign. Sounded like it was meant to be!

The cost to transfer from Blogger to WordPress and get a redesign was about around $650. It’s hard to hand over but  you have to spend money to make things worthwhile sometimes.

Deciding on a Theme

It’s pretty scary and intense deciding what you want your blog to look like when you can choose anything you want! I poured over templates, searched through dozens of blogs trying to find exactly what worked for me. Eventually, I decided on this simpler template that is photo-centric and pretty to look at. I love my header and the social buttons.

I was really inspired by the layouts and themes at Square Space and focused on that. I loved the simplicity and chic look of Verily Magazine’s site as well.

This is literally my first time posting so bear with me as I get used to the snags. I know I have a LOT to learn. I’m no genius when it comes to HTML, plugins and fancy features but I hope to find the ones that work for me — and help made the reading experience better for you!

Blogging v. Life

I feel a little overwhelmed with work right now, as things are changing and my responsibilities are increasing significantly. This leaves me less free time to focus on blogging — but such is life. I know that writing and documenting my life, sharing my lessons and hurts and passions with you, has been an amazing outlet that have provided so much opportunity and growth!

I hope to discover new blogs and learn new lessons in 2014 through this blog and my adventures in the blogging world. I often learn things I’d never have known without you.

So, what do you think of the new layout? Do you have a Blogger v. WordPress story? Are there any WordPress plugins I NEED to get? I don’t know what ANY of them are so I’m really looking for suggestions! 

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