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Just Dive In

Yesterday morning I did NOT want to go to the pool and swim. But it needed to be done. So I layered myself up and trekked in the 10 degree weather over the gym. Swimming for 30 minutes sounded like a reallly long time.

But, I give myself patterns to follow to make the time go by and work different muscles. The water running was still kind of irritating my leg. When I went to the PT after the gym, she told me to chill with the water running. Okay, check check.

I ended up swimming for 45 minutes before heading home. Wow — swimming makes you really hungry! I have been used to not getting hungry mid-morning because I wasn’t exercising. Now I remember what its like to want your lunch at 9:30am.


Physical Therapy Update

The PT appointment went well. I did all kinds of exercises for core and strength. My left leg still feels like it’s whittling away to nothing. However, I felt a teeny bit better about things when I left.

I’m going 2-3x/week and doing daily exercises at home. It still feels like anytime I sit down I’m not helping my back but we’ll keep trying. My gut tells me I’m going to end up having to resort to surgery but I’m putting in my best effort because I really don’t want to go there.


I weighed myself today and would you believe it? I’ve lost like 5 pounds! This was good news considering my sister just found and texted me a photo from when I was in the throws of binge eating and weight about 20 pounds more than I do now. That photo needs to go!

I have to say I am proud of myself for not using food as a crutch or stressing out about it very much at all. I will always marvel that I was able to overcome my eating disorder and it is a blessing every single day.

How have you used swimming or physical therapy exercises to help you recover?
Do you have to go out early in the cold for your gym routine?
Does anyone have any great swimming routines/plans for me?


Core Power Challenge Day #4

Playing catch up? Don’t miss Days #1, #2 and #3!

Are you guys feeling it? I’ve been hearing it on Twitter — we’re sore! Well don’t worry, today is a little lighter (and a very light day this weekend is coming.) Keep up the great work and your cores will thank you! For today’s Challenge:

  • Your choice of 10-15 bridges (2-3x). For this exercise, simply keep your core tight (squeeze!), your feet as close together as you can and lift up & down.
  • 20 bird dog exercises on each side (x2). In this exercise, get on your hands and knees. Lift leg and opposite arm up & down at the same time. That’s one rep. You can do all 20 on one side and switch, or mix it up.
    Pilates exercise series


How is the Core Power Challenge going? Any exercises you’d like me to add to the schedule for next week ?

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