It was cold, cold, cold this weekend but that didn’t stop me from heading out to the National Mall for a round of Snowlympics with Back on My Feet.

While my toes felt like blocks of ice, it was a blast to go out, play photographer and watch our guys have a blast with the silly competition BoMF puts on each January.

kickball10 kickball3 kickball8 kickball16
We were divided into three times: Clean & Sober Streets (CSS), Blair House and La Casa. BoMF staff came up with easy, fun games we could use for the challenges. Things like the egg in a spoon game, the team hula hoop game and an intense version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Despite the cold, you could tell everyone was having a great time. Part of BoMF’s purpose is to help provide outside activities for the guys to participate in. When someone is trying to stay sober and track, they need things to fill their time and good people to spend it with. Stuff like this is perfect for that and it always makes me happy to see big laughs and smiles.



The other great thing about the day was that it was beautiful outside. The monuments always look a little majestic but in the snow, even more so.

I was marveling at the fact that I can literally drive here in less than 15 minutes (providing traffic is very light that is — which it was!). I would really miss these sights if I moved away, and that might happen sometime so I really appreciate it while I’m here. Here are a couple of photos I got that just captures it:


So that was MY fun Snow Day this weekend — did you have one as well? After I left the Mall, I was a frozen mess! I was quick to come home and take a long, hot shower which felt heavenly!

I’m still loving playing photographer and will be forever grateful to Rick for convincing me I needed a nice camera with a good lens.


Core Power Challenge Day #2

Hello everyone! I hope you are feeling sufficiently in the game now that we’ve conquered day #1! For me, it actually GOOD to start really working on my core.

REMEMBER: Do everything according to how your body is feeling. If the workout listed is too much, then modify it. Do less reps, less time or modify the exercise. This is not about pushing too hard — just about being pro-active every day. You will still be counted each day even if you aren’t able to do every exercise. Just remember to tweet OR Instagram using #CoreCommit!

Today’s exercise is a 10-minute core workout video. Just follow along and do the best you can! Trust me, this one you’ll be feeling tomorrow! Don’t forget to add cardio on some days and remember, diet matters most! Here’s day #2:



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