Can you tell it’s still freezing out? We’re dealing with about 7 degrees here in the DC-area — how about you? I’m just glad I was not in Atlanta for that awful traffic jam!

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Happy Friday everyone! Ahh, I’m running late today because I meant to get the Core Power workout for today up earlier. I was sleeping like a rock last night — I think because I haven’t slept well for weeks and all of the sudden I could. Late start!

Anyway, I wanted to spend part of today sharing with you some links I found awesome this week. Without further ado here they are:


Core Power Challenge Day #5

Welcome to Friday! How do your abs feel? Mine are feeling pretty good, which means I think I need to push myself more. If you feel more advance, feel free to add a round of reps, add weights or do something to make your Challenge more difficult. If you are a beginner, feel free to make it easier. Again, everyone at their own pace!

  • Diagonal Side Bend Lifts. No, this is NOT the technical name but I wasn’t sure what to call these! Grab a light ball, weight anything you can use (laundry detergent, milk carton, be creative if you don’t have actual exercise stuff!). Do 2 sets of 10 of these on each side. See this photo for movement:

Side to Side Legs. Lay on your back, put your feet straight up in the air. Push them (while straight) all the way to one side, then all the way to the other. Do this 10 times, then repeat.

  • Optional: Plank practice! Try to hold your plank longer than 45 seconds without taking a break. If that’s too long, try for 30. If that’s too short, try for 1 min.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Check back tomorrow for Day #6!

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