**I’m just gonna brag for ONE second! I’m really excited because this week, we won a “Tweetie Trophy” from the TwitterDC awards — and well, what can I say? I pretty much am the Twitter account so I was really excited to receive the award! Yay! Unfortunately, I was out sick and couldn’t go to the event 🙁 

FRIDAY! Are you as excited as me? Probably not. Why? Because tomorrow I’m off to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a much-needed and awesome weekend with my sisters, Lindsey and Shelby — and my deliciously adorable niece and nephews.

Living in three different states isn’t exactly ideal but I’m SO glad we have this opportunity to spend the weekend together — no husbands or parents! Not that I would mind if the husbands and parents were there (love them too!) but it’s kind of cool to spend the time with just the sisters.

Of course, my Aunt, Uncle, cousin and grandparents will be very close by so I’ll be spending time with them too. Isn’t it the perfect time to head to South Florida? I’ve always wanted to go in January. Here it is!

So I saw this video yesterday and just had to share it with you. Doesn’t it make you want to go do something awesome?

I never get tired of bad-ass stuff like that! Not that I would ever be brave enough (or skilled enough!) to do any of those things but hey — I did go skydiving so you have to give me that!

Have you taken this quiz yet?


I got Portland, Oregon — which I think is awesome. I got to go there last year and had a blast! I am not sure I’ll ever live there but who knew I’d get a hippie city?!

Friday Link Love

  • Doga. Yoga + Dogs = Doga. Yes, this is a thing! I saw this article and was totally intrigued. Granted, I do not have a dog but hey, if you do and you want to have a new kind of bonding experience, why not?
  • Emotional Rescue. Love this post from my friend Michelle about her weight lost journey. If you’ve ever been there, check this out.
  • Birth Story. My Life as  Mrs. was one of the first blogs I started reading and I was really happy for her when — after having many fertility problems — she got pregnant and had her baby, Amelia. Sweet read.
  • Yogalicious. I loved this post from MizFit on “Yoga is an act of bravery.” Makes sense, if you read it.
  • This video probably made me smile more than anything else this week:

What are you doing this weekend? Any plans since many of us have an extra day off? Did you write — or find — any MUST-SEE links this week? I’d love to check them out!

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