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I’ve got two really exciting things to talk about today! First of all, as I write, I’m “stranded” here in Ft. Lauderdale because my flight back to DC was cancelled today due to the weather. While I did want to get back today because I have a lot of work today, I can’t say I was super sad to spend a little more time with my family in WARM weather!


I was really excited to hear from FABLETICS, the new fitness line by Kate Hudson. From what I’ve read, they’re aiming to be a lower-priced kind of Lululemon. Sounds great to me! Like most people, I love Lululemon but rarely ever by anything because it’s so pricey.

I was able to choose a few things from the FABLETICS look book to try as they company launches and promotes. It was a tough decision but I finally narrowed it down. Unfortunately, the top I picked didn’t fit me at all — way too big. I’m actually wondering if they sent me a top that was sized incorrectly (it was a Medium). But, the pants I got were awesome!


I am OBSESSED with the camo Lima Capris seen in the very top photo and below. They are super comfy and most definitely comparable to Lululemon. I don’t think they are quite as soft or high quality but they are flattering, comfortable and easy to move in for a much cheaper price. In my book, I’d go with FABLETICS every time with that description.


So, how does this thing work? Like many other programs these days — think Stitch Fix, Birchbox, Bestowed Boxes — they offer a club-type membership where you get items sent to you each month for $49.95/month. Here’s the deal with it:

  • Create Your Lifestyle ProfileΒ – Take our quick lifestyle quiz so we can get to know you better.
  • Receive Personalized OutfitsΒ – Each month, you’ll find new outfits hand-selected just for you and your workouts.
  • Shop!Β – Buy the outfits you love or skip the month altogether. There’s never any obligation to buy

However, you don’t HAVE to join to buy clothes, which is a big plus if you ask me. Just skimming the site, I can tell I love most of the stuff and will definitely be shopping here for things in the future. (**ALSO: When you sign up, you get 50% off your first outfit (but it’s only a 24-hour deal!)

Luckily, I also got to try out the Zanzibar crop pants. They just looked so comfy and I’m a big fan of capris always. They were just what I hoped for!


Give them a look — and don’t forget to follow ’em on Twitter for the latest deals!

The Core Power Challenge

As you know, I’ve been injured. The best thing I can do for myself, as I begin physical therapy this week, is to start working on my core. Sadly, I’ve been very lazy in the past couple of weeks. But if I want to get better, stronger and on the path back to running and weightlifting, I MUST do what it takes. That’s why next Monday I’m unleashing The Sweet Life’s Core Power Challenge!


Today, I’m just introducing the concept but later this week, we’ll be talking details. Here’s the gist:

  • 30 Days of committed core work
  • Tracking on Twitter and Instagram using #CoreCommit
  • One randomly selected winner will receive an awesome prize!
  • More DETAILS to come later this week!

What do you say? Think about joining the Power Core Challenge, starting next Monday, January 27th. We’ll be doing moves like these:


I’m convinced that core work is the secret to creating the best foundational fitness you can get. I think it’s essential for those of us with desk jobs and especially for folks dealing with back issues. Not only that, it’s extremely preventative and so important in every single sport!

If your core is strong, everything else is better. There is no reason NOT to participate in this challenge! I hope you will join me!


I’m not asking for commitments today. But I am asking you to THINK about joining me for the Core Challenge. Will you think about it? I’ll be asking folks to sign up later this week. I want to be able to track and workout with those interested. Let’s do this!

And don’t forget to start following me on Instagram and Twitter! Here’s a peak at my Instagram feed in the past week:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.23.24 PM

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