Wearing the Coffee Run Beanie

Please don’t mind this amazing modeling shoot I’ve got for you today (please tell me you understand sarcasm.) Ha ha. Simply put, how else could I showcase to you the amazing stuff I have from Under Armour’s Cold Gear line?!

When I received this package in the mail (complimentary through Under Armour & Fitfluential), I was so stoked. I’m always afraid to buy hats because they are so easy to lose the little things like that. When I tried on these hats for the first time, I was so excited. It’s clear, I’ve been wasting my money on the terribly-made (and not terribly warm) generic brands from Target.

What have I learned since wearing this stuff every single day since I got it (not kidding — can you post it here and here?)? That investing in quality winter gear is worth it. Under Armour makes everything with the athlete in mind, which means its absolutely perfect for most of you reading.

Actually, last year I got the Wintersweet Full Zip Hoody and I wear in constantly now. It keeps the rain/snow at bay, is super comfortable, well fitted and nice looking. I wear it several times a week.

I LOVE this hat (infrared Alpinelite beanie) because it’s one of those saggy hats that looks cool without you having to try. I always thought I could not pull those off but I was wrong. It is super warm and comfortable — plus it looks cute so you won’t have to worry about anything. I also like the super soft ball on the end. It’s so soft I can’t stop touching it actually!

Lastly, the most stylish of the gear I got — the Mystique Knit Headband (for some reason, couldn’t find this on the UA site so that’s a link to Dick’s). These things have gotten so popular lately and I was starting feel like the only person who didn’t have one. I’ve gotten multiple compliments on this thing and it seriously does the job. Even during the Turkey Trot on Thursday — when it was hovering around 20 degrees — it was all I needed to stay warm enough while walking briskly.

It’s gold gear but also a fashion statement — you can’t go wrong:

Also, loving the Under Armour Define Tote that the gear came in — you can never have enough cute workout bags in my opinion! Hope you found something you liked here — or you jumped over to the site and found something else.

These items are actually perfect stocking stuffers — don’t forget about that part of Christmas! Thanks for stopping by — happy shopping!

Do you invest in winter gear? Is it worth it? 
What are your favorite stocking stuffers?
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