2013 — without a doubt — was one of the best years of my life. It was packed full of adventure, opportunity and love! Number one on the list for this year was marrying the love of my life in a beautiful, “just the two of us” wedding by the water in Jamaica.

We got engaged last Christmas and it was a whirlwind up until the wedding in May. The planning (very little), fun (bridal showers!) and insights (many!) made for an insanely great first half of the year.

Let me list the highlights for me of the year in chronological (mostly) order:

1. Trip to New York City (Love it!)

2. Scottsdale, Arizona Blogger Trip (Gorgeous!)

3. Dominican Republic: Tiffany’s Wedding (So worth it!)

4. Orlando, Florida Weekend (Sweet!)

5. The Wedding & More (Best Ever!)

6. The CrossFit Games (Soooo Cool!)

7. Indianapolis Mini-Marathon (Indiana!)

8. An Afternoon With P90X’s Tony Horton (Burn baby!)

9. Fitbloggin’ in Portland, Oregon Part I, Part II, Part III (Awesome!)

10. Runner’s World Half-Marathon & Blogger Festival

BONUS: My Appearance on CNBC (Exciting!)

I thank everyone that has read this blog and connected with me on my journeys near and far. I appreciate every single person that reads a post and through that post finds enjoyment, relation or inspiration. It is a privilege to have readers and I don’t take that for granted. Stick with me for 2014 and we’ll have some more fun!

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