So…what have I been up lately? A lot! I’ve also been a very bad photo-taker so I’m lacking in that department as well. I will be taking a lot good photos at Christmas, though, breaking out the good camera and playing photographer 🙂

New Duds

In the above photo, you can see my brand new Reebok yoga shirt — and I am in LOVE with it. It says “Body, Mind, Ridiculously Happy.” There’s something about declaring certain words that make you feel powerful. It’s very comfy, roomy and perfect for any kind of workout. They come in three colors and I want them all. Seriously. LOVE IT. It’s from the Tara Stiles line — love her too!

Work Happy

I am beyond happy to work with people I love! My job allows me so much creativity and I truly enjoy working professionally with digital and social media. Luckily, I have a great team and we all get a long really well. I know that your co-workers can make a huge difference in the satisfaction of your job. We recently shot this photo before our awesome intern, Crystal, was set to leave.

In addition to working on social and digital, I also get to plan and host events like G+ Hangouts and panels on fun subjects that relate to our work. Earlier this week I hosted a panel on marketing your content to niche audiences. Here’s a shot of me with my panelists having a good time:

Hosting a G+ Hangout earlier this week:

Christmas Party Time

In addition to have a full and eventful work week, I also had two Christmas parties to attend! Sadly, the photo quality is pretty terrible but I still wanted to share the fun with you. On Monday night, we had our media Christmas party where folks from Fox News, CNN, Politico and other media outlets we work with come over and share the Christmas cheer with us! This year, we had themed drinks:

Then, on Wednesday night, we had our BIG staff party at a fancy hotel  in Adams Morgan. Since it is the 40th Anniversary of my company, they went big! All alumni were invited and they had a beautiful setting with amazing food and drinks. They also brought in a children’s gospel choir and I really had a blast.

It has been one busy, but fun week! Now I’m sitting here wrapping presents, blogging, watching last night’s episode of “The X Factor” and crossing my fingers that Jeff Gutt wins the whole thing. He is amazing! Any “X Factor” lovers out there?!

Saturday early morning we leave for Indiana and I couldn’t be more excited to see this one:

Did you go to a lot of Christmas parties this year?
Are you going anywhere the holidays? 
Do you like your job & your co-workers? 
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