I keep running into so much I want to share with you guys! Check out the quick list I made of a few things I thought were worthy of sharing for a Fun Friday post 🙂 Here’s what you may have missed from The Sweet Life this week as well:

1. Another Internet hoax — this one’s pretty hilarious!

2. Saving this forever! Wonderful blogger resource from Lean Green Bean Blog.

3. Why Abstinence Works…Even When It Doesn’t by the awesome Kira Davis (thought provoking for sure!)

4. Real Life “Alpha House“: It grosses me out that these Members of Congress live like this!

5. This commercial was banned from the Superbowl. The rebuttal to it is wonderful.

6. The sweetest thing you will read about Paul Walker.

7. After reading I Am Malala,” I quickly googled to find this. Amazing girl.

8. Good point: When you ask someone volunteer for you, you are really asking them to spend part of their life on you.

9. Cellulite: It’s Time We All Just Get The Hell Over It

10. Will Smith reunites with Carlton for Fresh Prince remix — epic!

Any MUST-READS to share with me? I’m always looking for great content! Feel free to leave links to your own material too 🙂
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