It’s hard to break through the noise of the many wonderful causes we have the opportunity to support everyday. But I must make the case for the ones I consider extremely important — things I’ve seen personally benefit from support.

You’ve heard me talk about some of them before but I’m hoping repetition makes a difference. So often, we are overwhelmed by the need in the world. There’s hardship and tragedy everywhere and at times, its easier to just shut it all out. But, just remember this:

“Do for one what you wish you could do for all.” 
 — Andy Stanley 

1. Foster Care & Mentoring organizations
While I have personally donated to the Family and Youth Initiative here in D.C., I would really urge to you get involved with a foster care or teen foster care mentoring organization near you. Some of the most vulnerable and needy are these kids without families. The truth is, most kids that grow up in foster care end up turning to drugs, alcohol or violence. Now is the time to be there for them before these things happen. Now is the time to be someone that matters. There is never enough money, or enough volunteer support. Please consider getting involved with kids who simply weren’t as lucky as most of us are.

2. Back on My Feet
Not surprised on this one, eh? Well, as many of you have seen, BoMF is certainly a worthy organization that truly changes lives. It’s particularly meaningful for many who read this blog because it is so related to fitness as a way to improve oneself. After 2.5 years volunteering and donating with this organization, I a huge advocate. Please consider volunteering in a city near you, or donating money if you cannot volunteer. Each year, the chapters have a fancy fundraising dinner — that’s another opportunity to help. Need more info? Click here and scroll to the bottom to see my posts on my experiences.

3. Democratic Republic of Congo Orphans, Compassion & World Vision
There are orphans and needy children all over the world — and all are equally deserving of your care. However, you may know that I’m personally dedicated to the children of the Congo for Christ Orphanage in Uvira, DRC since I went there last year. They still need more sponsors for the 58 children there and would love your support! I also sponsor a child through Compassion, Int.’l from Ethiopia — and believe World Vision does good work as well. The easiest way you can give back is to sponsor a child for $30/month. It may take a little sacrifice but do me a favor? Just think about it.

**Help the DRC kids by purchasing earrings from my friend Sarah’s company, Kicheko!** 

If I were the First Lady, these are the things I would put forth. Unfortunately, I’m not Michelle Obama but sometimes I wish I had that platform to push these causes. But I do have this little platform in the form of The Sweet Life so I’ll do what I can. Give a little bit 😉

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