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What you missed while you were on vacation:

Last night I got all dressed up to go to Ford’s Theater to watch “A Christmas Carol.” I’ve wanted to do this the entire 7 years I’ve lived in DC and finally made it happen.

Ford’s Theater is famous because it’s the place where Abraham Lincoln was shot. It’s crazy to think we were sitting in that exact place. I’m pretty sure they have the seats blocked where he was actually sitting — and obviously the theater has been completely redone — but still historical.

Rick surprised me with tickets a few weeks ago and I thought it was the absolute perfect way to ring in December. I thought everyone got super fancy to go to the theater. Apparently, some people just wear jeans but hey, I liked having a excuse to look nice.

I was surprised the play was so geared towards children but there were a ton of them and I really liked that. I haven’t been to much theater in my life but this did not disappoint. It was the perfect amount of time and the acting was great. I’m so glad I finally did this! Here’s a view of how the theater looks inside:

So what else happened this weekend? On Saturday, we checked out this cool place in DC called The Pig. A couple friends had raved about their “face bacon” appetizer and we had some time to waste so we went there for a couple of beers and to try out this epic dish.

Well it wasn’t so much a dish but it was still amazing. Rick said it tasted like “pork butter” and was SO good. So rich and fatty and delicious. They only give you a little, for good reason. I am excited to go back and try a full dinner at The Pig in the near future.

Cyber Monday Deal!

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How was your weekend? 
Do you go to any shows or do Christmas traditions like The Nutracker or a Christmas Carol? 
Are you shopping for Cyber Monday? Have you found any deals that I need to check out today? (seriously!)
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