I was so excited to get a facial this weekend! My Aunt Angie is an esthetician and I’ve been meaning to get over to her studio for over a year and get the deluxe treatment. She gave us free facials as a Christmas present — which is awesome, considering that cost upwards of $75 for a good one!

They are SO great for your skin and super relaxing which is great. She has a little studio in her garage that’s set up with a mini-stream that sounds like water in a creek, the right soft music, scented candles and a serene setting on a comfy bed.

That’s me under that towel!

I’ve only had one other facial before — on my birthday earlier this year. It’s a little scary considering how much crap is probably under my skin. Angie did the works, with steaming, taking off fine hairs, a mask, microdermabrasion, moisturizer, toner and more.

While we waited for the mask, she also did a great hand massage. Personally, I think hand massages are so relaxing and I love them!

My sister Lindsey and I took turns. Each facial lasted about an hour and it was nice to spend some one on one time chatting with my Aunt as well. This is actually her third career and I told her I think it’s so awesome that she’s had the guts to pursue different things throughout her life. It’s inspiring to me to know that I can make a career change in the future if I really want to.

I really wanted to stay laying on that table with the relaxing music for a couple more hours but unfortunately that wasn’t an option! Here’s my sister getting her treatment:

When I was done, my face felt fresh and clean. It definitely looked and felt revitalized — not tired and blah like the sugary laziness of the holidays can bring. This was actually the perfect time to undergo a facial considering it’s nearly time to start a new year! I’ve got to say many thanks to Angie for taking the time to give us facials! It’s her job so it really means a lot that she would gift them to us.

Post-facial, feeling fresh!

If you are in the Bloomington, Indiana area, feel free to contact Angie for a treatment! And a goody bag to go with the Skin Script essentials she used during the treatment! I loved the cucumber hydration toner and goji berry yogurt mask.

Have you ever had a facial? What do you like about them? Is there a certain kind I should try? I might be hooked now!
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