Doing a lot of winter walking these days 🙂

So I’m going on 4 months injured — 3 months no Crossfit and 6 weeks not running. Things aren’t getting better. While I’m very frustrated (last night I dreamed I was miraculously better and got to go to Crossfit), and had to skip my beloved marathon this year, I simply have to deal with it.

I also found out I was chosen for a fully paid trip to the L.A. Marathon in March as an ASICS ambassador. What an amazing opportunity! I was going to WILL myself better to make this happen. Sadly, I actually have an event for work at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas on the exact day of the LA Marathon. Long story short, I would not have been able to go to the marathon anyway. So, there was a little solace there. I told them, please remember me for 2015!

What have I been doing to stay in shape? It’s certainly the least amount of physical activity I’ve had in this long a time period in years — probably a decade. So it’s weird. Oddly enough, I haven’t gone crazy yet. I’ve also noticed my appetite is much less and I’ve kept the overeating generally in check. When I do overeat, I definitely feel extremely anxious knowing I can’t go run it off.

I’ve been walking a little extra, doing my back strengthening and core exercises, as well as lifting weights 2-3 times a week. I’ve been spending a lot more time on work and have been enjoying sometimes sleeping in on the weekdays. I am still going to Back on My Feet but I only walk.

The worst part is, I know I could go running and be fine. I’m dying to break out into a run. It won’t cause pain at all. It’s the damage that will come later as my back issue gets worse with a constant pounding. So I don’t.

If I was doing everything right, I would never slouch, I’d be standing and standing straight at all times, I’d never cross my legs, I’d do planks and core exercises 3x a day. I’d never sit on a couch or in a car seat and I’d sleep on my back on the stiffest bed possible. But I can’t do all that all the time. I’m living life and it’s really not possible.

I’m trying with my insurance to get the MRI again tomorrow. My orthopedist can’t see me again until January 9th so…waiting for that. Hope to start some real physical therapy that works then…

It’s weird not having exercising be a prominent part of my life. It’s like I’m missing my inspiration and my euphoria. All of my great ideas — for life, for this blog especially — come in the middle of a good sweat session. I feel like I’ve lost a part of me without running and Crossfit. Even though Crossfit has only been in my life for 2 years, I became so engrossed in it and came to love fitness in a way I never had in the past. Not being able to have those things in my life is a bit of joy-stealer.

Yeah, first world problems. But I’m just getting it off my chest. This week? Christmas parties galore and then it’s off to Indiana on Saturday 🙂

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