Brand new white Mizuno Sayanaras — love them!

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As I write this post, I’m watching the New York City Marathon live online — and it’s SO inspiring. It makes me wish I could be there running with everyone! Seriously motivation to sign up next year and pray really hard 🙂 Perhaps I will do fundraising and get myself there!

It makes me want to go out and run right now but since I actually ran a whole 35 miles this week, I’m trying not to do it. I can’t start ramping up the mileage for taper… ha ha. Last year, I was peaking at 50 miles a week but this year has been a different story.

That being said, I will be running the Richmond Marathon in 13 days and I’m so excited about! I really hope the weather is just like it is today, that would be marvelous!

So what about my training? Let me tell you. After my 20-mile treadmill run on Tuesday, I ran 3 slow miles the next day, 5 slow miles the next day and 7 beautiful early morning miles on Saturday. It’s so hard getting up early on Saturdays but I did since I had a busy day. When it’s only 7 miles on your schedule, it’s easier to get started!

I focused on running more on my left side since the right side has taken a beating lately. It’s really hard but the chiropractor says he thinks I’ve probably always run more on my right side but since my back is acting up, things are more noticeable.

After the marathon, I am going to quit running until this back is completely fixed. I know I’ve gotten some criticism from some that I should have already quit but since my doctor was okay with it, I wanted to complete this marathon. It’s true, though, that there is never a “good” time to quit running!

A few scenes from the 7-miler:

It was one of those great runs where I felt amazing afterward. Since I don’t have any more 20-milers hanging over my head, I’m happier! What’s the plan for the next 13 days? No real plan….

I’m going to run 13 miles probably Thursday or so as my last “prep” run. There’s not a whole lot I can do at this point other than just get out there and run on excitement and energy. It’s hard not to want to PR but I know that’s probably not possible. I think I’m a stronger runner than I was last year but I didn’t put the training for that to be reflected. We’ll see what happens!

Lastly, I want to say a big congratulations to Glenn for PR-ing in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on Saturday with a 2:54 finish! If you follow Out for a Run, you know he had a bad race in Chicago recently (I mean, if you can call a 3:01 marathon “bad”)!! — and wasn’t sure if he should go for another marathon so soon. While he didn’t reach his “Dream Big” goal, he awesome PR’d in this reallllly fast marathon! Here he is around mile 25:

Did you watch the NYC marathon? 
Does watching races inspire you to sign up for new ones?
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