Happy Saturday all! I hope everyone is still enjoying the long weekend — and recovering from Turkey Day. I know it felt awesome to do a a little post-Thanksgiving recovery yesterday with a sweat session and some fruits and veggies! (Also, leftover apple pie with ice cream though!)

I stole some rare time in the gym and completed a work out of:

  • Arms: bench press, shoulder press, curls
  • Lunges: around the world, total: 100 each leg
  • Elliptical: 30 minutes
  • Bike: 10 minutes
  • Stretching, stretching, stretching (and planks)

And what shoes was I wearing you may ask? Why yes, the BRAND NEW Mizuno Wave Rider 17’s, which are actually not for sale until December 5th! Lucky for me, I got a a preview of these babies through Fitfluential and I’m not at all disappointed! (They are not yet listed on the Mizuno site, fyi, because they aren’t for sale yet.)

If you ever read this blog, you know, I am hardcore Mizuno Running. It is my brand for running shoes and has been for years. It’s been awesome to have a partnership with Mizuno because of that! They sent me all three colors of these new shoes so I am insanely pumped.

You know I’ve not been running lately, due to a back injury but I’ve never met a pair of Mizunos I didn’t like — and that’s no lie. I did a little jogging in these and have ben working out in them for two weeks now. They are comfortable, lightweight and flexible — not to mention they come a selection of fun colors!

Very similar to the award-winning Wave Rider 16, the 17 is a bit lighter and the company took into consideration all of the feedback they got to improve the shoes for an even better run.

It’s been cold but sunny out lately — and that is perfect for outdoor workout temperatures. I had to wear my comfy, Lululemon zippy because it matched my shoes so well!

All that being said, I’m obviously a huge fan. The shoes are on sale soon and would be a great Christmas present for a runner — or for yourself if you need new shoes. God knows runners need new ones every few months!

Don’t forget to check out Mizuno this week to order your pair! Also, you can follow them on Twitter @Mizuno_Running! Another great thing about Mizuno is that all of their employees are awesome — so there’s that 🙂

How often do you need new shoes as a runner? 

Have you ever tried Mizunos? What do you like about them? 

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