The Marathon & Meb

In between the training and working, I sometimes neglect to tell you the little things that pop up here and there. Today, we can catch up!

First of all, after watching the NYC Marathon on live stream Sunday (I watched the from start to finish with the winners), I was totally moved and wowed by one Meb Keflezighi. I saw him interviewed before he started but it was his interview after that made me love him even more.

Because of that, I decided to finally start reading his biography, which has been sitting my room for a few months. Yep, it’s time — Meb moved me.

The fact that he finished the NYC Marathon — when nearly any other elite would drop out — meant so much. I get that elites need to drop out in most cases but New York meant something special this year. He did it for the victims of Sandy and Boston — and that’s why marathons are so much more than just running.

You can’t help but love runners and the people that love the runners! This was epitomized by my sister’s post yesterday about watching the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon — which was this past Saturday. Her post about spectating is SO awesome — which is why it’s always good to have a marathon in your own city, because you know so many people personally.

ALSO: Huge shout out to one of my best and oldest friends Megan for finishing her FIRST marathon on Saturday in a great time of 4:27! She’s got three little ones and a full-time job but managed to get in her training runs and cross that finish line. I’m so proud of her and glad we can have this experience to share! Here she is with her parents after the race:

Pro-Compression Recovery

After last week’s 20-miler, it was a great chance to try out my new Pro-Compression socks. I’ve never really worn real compression socks but was hoping they would do the trick — especially on my right calf, which acts up like crazy lately.

I wore the socks all day at work and I really think they made a difference. The chiropractor has also now told me I need to be stretching out 3x a day. Boy, that’s a lot but…I have this issue with my hamstrings and hips being super tight all the time. The stretching relieves pressure and helps my back feel better. I think from now until marathon, I’m going to make stretching and foam rolling the priority of my days. I hate doing it but it MUST be done.

I am loving the Xfinity band we received from Proform at the Runner’s World Half — I used it everyday and it’s so simple but very convenient.

I ran 8.5 GLORIOUS, beautiful miles this morning. I started out in the dark and cold at 5:30 but it was so worth it. I couldn’t take the stale air of the gym or the drumming of the treadmill again. I will be running 13 later this and spend some time with my old friend Tread then.

This morning was awesome — I just went with what felt comfortable and enjoyed a peaceful run. Now that MCM is over, a lot of people aren’t out running like before. There’s nothing like a sunrise run in silence. So I’m feeling good and ready to take on the day!

How often do you stretch? Is it a priority? 
Do you love Meb? Have you read his book? 
What do you think about elite runners not finishing marathons? 

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