Yesterday morning I worked out for the first time in 9 days. That’s quite a record going without for me but I was trying to give this old back a good, long rest. I did, though it doesn’t feel any better.

No running for me but I did spend 25 minutes on the bike (sitting) and 4.5 miles incline walking. It felt good to sweat — even if I wasn’t breathing that hard. Even that stuff was kind of irritating my back, though, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep doing it smartly.

Am I a Brat? (Don’t Answer That!)

I feel like such a brat when it comes to doing my stretches and exercises. I’m supposed to be doing exercises with the big ball to strengthen my back and core. I’m supposed to bet stretchy stretchy all the time to loosen everything up and keep the pressure off my spine.

It’s tough disciplining myself to do these things. I don’t want to do them. I whine about them in my head. I’ve lost all desire to strength train and my upper body muscle is dwindling away.

Plus the apartment is so small that I can’t do crap without hitting my leg on a table or a couch corner. I told you I was being a brat.

There’s also that nagging thought that I’m eating too much for the amount of activity I’m getting, which will inevitably lead to weight gain. I’m very bad at portion control, with or without exercise in my life.

Doctor, Doctor Give Me The News

I’ve been to so many doctors lately — it’s insane. Due to some weird headaches and eye twitching I’ve had for the past 6 months, I’ve been to a neurologist. So, tomorrow morning, I’m going in for not one but TWO MRI’s — one for my head and one for my back.

I’ve never had an MRI and I’m hoping to machine thing doesn’t freak the crap out of me. They asked if I was claustrophobic. I don’t think so but seems kind of creepy to me. It’s at 6:15am, which is weird, but at least I will get it over with really quickly.

There have been a couple other things too and well, let’s just say I’ve never been to so many appointments in my life. It’s not life threatening and in fact, some things — like this neurology thing — are mostly just to rule out other things. If the MRI and brain scan (which I had already) find nothing, I am going to go to the vision doctor to see if it could be my eyes.

The good news? It’s almost Christmas and we bought our first tree together this year. I don’t care if it’s early, Christmas makes me happy so I’m gonna focus on that. Here’s the tree:

Anyway, hopefully these appointments will phase out soon and I’ll be back to normal, gabbing away about my latest Crossfit or running adventure. Is this all just a product of getting older? Ugh, to be forever young. It’s like, I can control what I put into my body but I have little control over what my spine decides to do even when I’m being careful.

Have you ever had an MRI? Tips please!
Ever felt like everything went wrong health wise at the same time? 
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