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Fruit! It’s an essential part of everyone’s diet. In cultures in every part of the world, fruit is one of the main ingredients to maintaining health. It’s natural, sweet and delicious.

When I go grocery shopping, I usually have three main staples that I stick to: apples, bananas and strawberries. While sometimes I go outside the box and grab some raspberries, pears or mango, those three are what I get when I’m trying to save money and get in and out.

That being said — and as much as I LOVE fruit — sometimes it’s just not possible to get every bit you need. Like most professionals, my husband and are busy from morning to night.

Living outside of Washington, DC and working in the city means long commutes, long hours and very little time for getting all the nutrients we need during the week.

When I found out there was a solution to that problem — affordable and easy — I wanted to try it. FruitsMax is that solution. If you are busy, listen up!

Here’s the 4-11 on this awesome, natural product full of 21 fruits, 12 essential vitamins, and tons of antioxidents:

  • It makes the taking of your daily-recommended amounts of fruits easier.
  • Boosts your immune system. 
  • Promotes digestive health. 

Also: No preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors and GMO free.

Here are all the fruits hidden within this daily supplement, which is taken twice a day to fulfill your fruity needs: blackberries, apricot, peach, banana, apple, strawberry, raspberry, prune, pear, orange, white grape, red grape, persimmon, cherry, plum, mandarin, tomato, melon and pineapple.

A supplement isn’t like eating a juicy pear or a sweet raspberry but, life gets in the way and I think it’s important to make room for what really matters to keep your body healthy.

Good news for you guys — FruitsMax is giving the first bottle to customers for FREE! You do have to cover shipping but totally worth it. If you sign up for the monthly newsletter, you will get an additional 15% off, no promo code required. Check out the online store for this deal. (*Please note that if you choose to receive the free bottle, you will be signing up for a monthly subscription and be charged for the product the next month if you do not cancel before then. You can cancel at anytime, though!)

If you want to know more, make sure you check out FruitsMax on all their sweet social media spots, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.

I’ve been supplementing my daily fruit needs with 2 pills and eating at least one other, real fruit on my own. If you have trouble getting your veggies — which I do — this can really help getting all the nutrients you need.

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