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While I’ve been unable to Crossfit for over three months now, I still love the sport. I miss it all the time. So when I heard about a local competition with Crossfit Games athletes involved, I knew I wanted to stop by. This one was the 1st Annual District Crossfit Charity Pro-Am to benefit the Navy Yard Relief Fund.
Justin of Crossfit or Die was competing, as well as my friend Cole, from Trident. Honestly, I couldn’t have known no one and still been glad to be watching.
The Games athletes included Gretchen Kittelberger (love her!), Jenn Jones, Gary Helmick and Jordan Troyan. You can see them meeting with the competition announcer above.

It was fun to check out another box in the area and be among kindred Crossfitting spirits. Of course, it was a little depressing, realizing that I still won’t be able to do this for sometime. However, you feel the energy and excitement so it’s still fun.

This is a little thing but I loved that they had water and coconut water for sale in their fridge but just trusted people to put the money for it in a box to the side. Little things like that make me happy. So I happily bought my coconut water and put $2 in the box.

It’s always great watching the pros get busy, as they seem to have superpower endurance with the movements that I have never been able to obtain!

Anyway, just wanted to share with you guys a little bit of the fun I had at this competition. Crossfit makes me happy in the way that gymnastics always did as a kid. It has me itching to get there and try stuff — and get better at it. My back will have to get better before I can do it again — and that is a very long process.

That being said, I’m glad I still have the opportunity to be a part of it in some way right now. Don’t forget to check out a few more photos and video from this competition on Instagram. Follow me there @Ericka81 

Do you like watching a sport you normally participate in when you are injured or unable? 
Is it hard when you know you can’t? 
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